Wallis, secret Swiss Alps

We had a long weekend in Switzerland last week and with temperatures in the mid 30′s it was perfect for escaping to the mountains for some early season Alpine adventures in the Wallis area.  We used a combination of local Post buses, gondolas and pedaling to find some of the most incredible trails I’ve ever ridden.  It was a far cry from the famous Alpine bike parks – empty trails, no braking bumps and pretty little villages nestled high up in the mountains.

One trail was the fairly well known Brazilian, often called the best trail in Switzerland. I’m not sure I would go that far but it was pretty damn cool. A bus followed by 1000m pedaling took us to 2800m and from there it was one long descent down to 500m. The second half was incredible, loads of fast swoopy corners with dust flying everywhere.

The other days were even better as we got up high with spectacular views of glaciers and snow capped mountains before dropping into the woods for amazing loamy fast singletrack descents. One side of the valley is dry and dusty like Italy, full of rocks and loose tight corners. The other is more forested, loamy, fast and flowy. Amazing weekend, I’ve had withdrawal symptoms ever since.

So where were we? top secret, I’d have to kill you if I told you ;-)

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