My life seems to be a bit of a disaster zone at the moment. I got hit by a car on the way home from work last week. A driver didn’t stop at a crossroads where I had right of way and I went straight into the side of him smashing his door and window and snapping my forks. Not a nice feeling the split second between realising what is about to happen and hitting the floor! People quickly surrounded me panicking like mad having seen me flying up in the air and soon after an ambulance and the police arrived. What a palava!

I was pretty sore with colourful swollen bruises all down one side but my helmet saved me from the worst and I thought I’d got off lightly. I went to the doctor 3 days later for a checkup and after loads of tests, checks and worried looking faces I found out I’ve fractured a vertebra in my back (having ridden for 2 hours the day before!). My lovely road bike is written off too but at least the driver’s insurance should cover that.

SO annoyed. I’m stuck in rainy Zurich missing a long planned Easter mtb trip to Frejus in the south of France and can’t mountain bike for 6 weeks. To look on the bright side my German vocabulary now covers everything to do with crashing, dealing with police, ambulances, doctors and insurance.

I’m sticking to mountain bikes after this, much safer!

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