Frühlingscup crits – Brütten

Racing in Switzerland in February? you’d have to be mad! The Steiner season kicked of with the Frühlings Cup, a local 3 race crit series with a handicapped start. The first race was 40km in sub zero temperature, surrounded by snow and full on winter kit. I forgot my sunglasses and it was so cold I started to get dizzy because my eyeballs froze! After a long break I was reminded that racing is hard work especially when all the categories are mixed together and a little ‘local’ race here involves World champions, pro riders and very fast guys. There is also no hiding or kidding yourself either, racing confirmed what I’ve been trying to deny, my calves are not better. I’ll spare you the rant but I finished with calf explosions, out the back and very annoyed.

By the last race the temperatures had increased and an incredible panorama of the Alps in the background reminded me why its worth putting up with the cold winter here. The distance increased to 17 laps of a 4km circuit and Yves took his 2nd win and the overall series for the Steiner team! Handicapped races are asking for disaster, large pelotons coming together at totally different speeds on narrow roads, erratic riding and questionable bike handling skills. You really had to have your wits about you in there with several crashes and rideres frequently taking detours into the neighbouring fields. Fiola had a nasty crash putting her out of the race when she was well positioned for a great ride, get well soon!

Back to pestering doctors and cycling wise plan B is the focus…

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