Steiner Bäckerei Wetzikon – Argon 18 Cycling Team

This year I am excited to be representing Steiner Bäckerei Wetzikon – Argon 18 Cycling Team, one of Switerland’s most sucessful Jedermann/Gran Fondo (amateur) road racing teams. With a mixture of nationalities and experiences, the team has a great set up with lots of top quality sponsors and some very quick guys to train with. It will be my first time road racing outside of Ireland and I’m hoping there will be plenty of big hills involved. Give them a like over on facebook to keep updated!

Here are some shots from the team photoshoot in the Steiner bakery and up in the hills in sub-zero temperatures at the weekend:

Don’t worry I haven’t given up mountain biking. My calf injury is improving but still not resolved and at the moment the road bike tends to do less damage to my legs as I can wear the crazy midsole cleats. It will be a season of experimenting and adjusted goals, hopefully I can survive the length of a race without calf explosions and will get some mtb racing in too (maybe a new bike and gravity enduro is they key!). Either way after 18 months since my last race I will be a major bag of nerves on the first start line in a few weeks time!

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