Trek Madone review

At the beginning of the winter I acquired a Trek Madone 5.9 road bike from the good guys in Think Bike shop in Rathmines. The difference riding a nice bike makes is unbelievable, in fact it’s a bit too nice, I shouldn’t enjoy riding it as much as I do but at least it made me do road training when I was supposed to over the winter!

The carbon frame is incredibly stiff and it feels like every ounce of energy put into pedalling goes towards propelling you forward, but its also quite forgiving on bumpy Irish roads. The super light weight means it flies up the hills and after a proper bike fitting in ThinkBike workshop it feels like the bike wants to accelerate out of every corner or kicker climb.

I’ve only had one chance to test it in a race so far but it performed very well, it gave me so much more control than my old bike so that I felt really confident riding at speed in the bunch. More racing to come if I ever get a free weekend. Overall a highly recommended bike.
so light its hard to keep the wheels on the ground ;-)

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