January images

York Racecourse

Welcome home from Spain – A foggy, dark day for some drills on country roads in Yorkshire.

Boat leaving Hollyhead

Rail & Sail – the paupers solution to last minute travel with lots of luggage to Dublin. A 14 hour trip rather than a 30 minute flight.

A nice day for a road spin converting the brother that doesn’t normally cycle.

5 hours of sunny mud-free singletrack – not bad for a Tuesday morning in Irish January.

Coaching the rapidly improving ThinkBike beginners spin in Ballinastoe.

A slightly epic tour of Wicklow on the road bike on yet another pleasantly mild day. It was great until I had to ride alongside the Miners Trail singletrack descent in Glendalough and really wanted to be on a mountain bike. Rounded off by a wrong turn, a big main road and nasty headwinds – I was glad to get home.

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