attacked by ice

Looks pretty? NO, its evil! The crazy cold weather continued this with unusual subzero temperatures in Dublin turning snow from a last week into hard ice and freezing all the puddles. I’ve had to acquire cold weather survival skills – setting off with boiling water in my water bottles meant they didn’t turn solid quite so quickly. I’m also considering undertaking a mince pie diet to try and keep warm, skinny cyclists are not suited to this weather!

For 98% of the time its fun to bike on solid frozen ground without worrying about getting muddy, the only problem is you have no idea when a patch of ice is going to pop up at ruin things. This is what happens when it does:

back to the turbo trainer?!

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2 Responses to attacked by ice

  1. Mel says:

    Jeez! Your knee looks fairly bashed up! Get well soon. Mel

  2. Darragh says:

    Ouch. However, you should remember this before thinking it’s so bad…
    Tis but a scratch!

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