Training in the snow

streets of Ranelagh

River Liffey & Calvatrava bridge

The snow didn’t stop after last weekend and a week later there is more snow in Dublin than I’ve ever seen outside of the Alps. The city is in total chaos with public transport not working, streets blocked with snow, pavements turned to sheets of ice etc. Commuting to work through the snowy streets on a road bike with skinny tyres has been great fun although once it started to get icy the mountain bike was a safer option. At least the snow makes everywhere look pretty and gives people something to think about other than the country’s economic doom.

frozen canal

interesting commute

Training wise I cracked big time and was forced to embrace the inner roadie for some turbo training madness. I bought a turbo trainer 2 years ago but this was its first time out of the box. Rather than sitting indoors staring at four walls for hours on end, I set it up outside under the porch in front of my house so that I could look out at the snowy street and watch people go by. It helped to stop me looking at the clock but I did get a few funny looks as people slide around fighting through a blizzard and I sat there in a t-shirt pedalling away like crazy!


It’s actually almost enjoyable once you figure out how to play mind games with yourself so that time doesn’t come to a complete stand still. In my head I’ve spent the week doing laps of race courses all over the world – shut your eyes and use your imagination it comes as a shock to open them again and realise 20 minutes has passed and you actually haven’t moved anywhere!

Some good pumping music is another essential. At the moment my playlist includes Holy Fuck, Girl Talk’s new mix, Leftfield, Deadmau5 and Underworld. Any more suggestions welcome…

view from my bedroom

Thanks to the guys in the Think Bike workshop for putting the turbo together, the most complicated piece of apparatus imaginable.

thankfully real biking again at the weekend

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  1. Darragh says:

    ‘inner roadie’ – laughed at that. As for music – check out Amanda Palmer, takes a bit of time to get to like though.

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