Autumn insanity and a snapped rib

The most amazing autumn ever has been going on for longer than expected. I spent October in full panic mode expecting snow to arrive at any second and desperate to make the most of any last opportunity for big mountain adventures. Sunny days, incredible colours, and even dry trails meant it impossible to take an off-season break, and I had some of the best road and mountain bike rides of the year. I kept thinking I’ll have a few weeks off as soon as the weather changes.

Then I fell off my bike and snapped a rib. Doh! Broken ribs are painful things that prevent anything that remotely involves fun. It’s been nice to chill out for a week or two, get wired on coffee and do other things but I’m starting to crave movement and adrenaline and its not raining as much as I would like. 2-4 more weeks to go, heal dammit!

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