A day in Granada

Combining hard training with working as a guide in a place with giant mountains can get pretty tiring and days of can be few and far between, so when one comes I’ve learnt fully make the most of them. Recovery is priority so rather than exploring the area and enjoying the sun a rest day normally involves lazing around watching dvds or reading books in the shade, fixing piles of punctured inner tubes, eating lots and drinking copious amounts of coffee.

This means that despite several trips out here over the last few years I’ve never made it into Granada, a very cool city which is only down the road. Yesterday I thought I’d better make the effort and go but rather than traipsing around tiring myself out seeing the tourist sights, we spent the day cafe hopping, people watching and food sampling.

Coffee and tostadas with tomato. More coffee. Sun. Falafel and baklava in the Moroccan quarter. Beer and tapas. A sunny terrace. Garlicky olives. What a life. Fresh and ready for more riding…

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